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Milwaukee Packout Featured Image

Milwaukee PACKOUT: Everything You Need To Know

Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Tool Storage And Organization

PACKOUT™ tool storage system is an impressive rolling tool box and storage system from Milwaukee Tools that has taken the tool world by storm. PACKOUT™ gives tradesman and women a portable, fully customizable, durable, and versatile tool storage system that “revolutionizes tool transportation, organization, and storage”. To show you why you need Milwaukee’s PACKOUT, we’re breaking down the PACKOUT’s best features, and showing you each piece of the PACKOUT storage system.

Easy Tool Transport

The Milwaukee PACKOUT™ is easily portable and transported making traveling from jobsite to jobsite a breeze. Its rolling base has oversized, 9 in. wheels on a beefy axle that creates smooth transport. A large, industrial grade handle is extendable so you can adjust the handle to the height of your PACKOUT™ configuration. The PACKOUT™ has made transporting tools easier than ever!

Versatile Tool Storage

The Milwaukee PACKOUT™ has unlimited versatility that gives you the ability to interchange your tool boxes, organizers, and storage totes into configurations that best fit you needs or to use them as standalone pieces. An easy-to-use, cleat-like interlocking system keeps each of the pieces of the PACKOUT™ securely locked in place yet can be separated with ease. PACKOUT™‘s eight different sized tool storage products range from soft totes to hard sided latch and lock tool boxes and organizers. Each storage piece in the PACKOUT™ has excellent storage space and can easily accommodate all of your power tools, cordless tools, and hand tools. And while the PACKOUT™’s storage spaces are large, the removable tiered trays and countless pockets create maximum organization potential, so all of your hand tools, tool accessories, hardware, and supplies will have their own dedicated space- leaving no excuse to lose tools or supplies ever again!

Heavy Duty Tool Storage

Not only is the Milwaukee PACKOUT™ system versatile, it’s highly durable. PACKOUT™ is designed to hold and move up to 250 lbs and is designed to endure the elements of industrial use. PACKOUT™ is IP65 weather rated and impact resistant, so you can put this tool system through the ringer. All metal hardware, metal reinforced locking point, and metal reinforced corners keep your tools and treasures safe and secure.

Other PACKOUT™ Features Include:

  • Mounting location for the ONE-KEY™ TICK™
  • Totes have comfortable, padded shoulder straps
  • Durable overmolded handles
  • Easy tilt step to help you tilt the system from standing to rolling with a press of the foot

Milwaukee Packout Infographic

Our Thoughts On Milwaukee’s PACKOUT™ Product Line

Long story short: you need Milwaukee’s new PACKOUT portable tool storage system. From it’s versatility and portability, to its outstanding organization and carrying capacity, the PACKOUT is a great solution for tool storage and tool organization.

PACKOUT™ Product Line

Milwaukee’s PACKOUT consists of 8 different pieces. Here at Acme, we’ve also put together a “PACKOUT “starter pack” that consists of 3 different PACKOUT pieces (including the wheeled base). You can can buy the Milwaukee PACKOUT at Acme Tools.

Image Part # Description Height Depth Width Weight
Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8400 PACKOUT 3 pc. PACKOUT™ Tool Box Kit  36 in. 22.1 in. 25.6  73.8 lb
Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8315 48-22-8315  15. in. PACKOUT™ Tote 17 in. 15 in. 15 in.  6.6 lb
Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8310 48-22-8310 10 in. PACKOUT™ Tote 17 in. 10 in. 10 in. 4.51 lb
Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8320 48-22-8320  20 in. Tote 17 in.  20 in.  20 in. 8.25 lb
Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8424 48-22-8424 PACKOUT™ Tool Box  6.6 in.  22.1 in. 16.1 in. 10.1 lb
Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8425 48-22-8425 PACKOUT™ Large Tool Box  11.3 in. 22.1 in.  16.1 in. 12.1 lb
Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8426 48-22-8426 PACKOUT™ Rolling Tool Box  18.9 in. 22.1 in. 25.6 in. 51.6 lb
Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8430 48-22-8430 PACKOUT™ Organizer 4.61 in. 19.76 in.  15 in. 6.5 lb
Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8435 48-22-8435 PACKOUT™ Compact Organizer 4.61 in.  9.72 in.  15.24 in.  3.31 lb

Read more about the Milwaukee PACKOUT™ here.

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