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Makita Outdoor Power Tools: Rule the Outdoors

Rule the Outdoors this spring, despite what the weather outside say. It’s time to prep your lawn for lemonade on the porch, picnics outsides, and tending to your shrubs and garden. But using any outdoor power equipment means dealing with gas, oil, and loud noises, a tedious or intimidating series of tasks to do on top of cleaning. Well with Makita’s line of battery powered outdoor battery equipment you no longer have to worry about that anymore.

Makita has one of the most extensive selections of outdoor power tools on the market and includes, chainsaws, blowers, trimmers, and even mowers. All powered by their 18V batteries you get the power equivalent to many gas-powered machines with a fraction of the noise, no fumes, and the flexibility to work at any time during the day between sunrise and sunset.

Any Advantages?

Besides the previously mentioned no need for gas, you no longer have to waste time gathering and mixing your fuel or be limited with a cable like other electric options. You are free to work wherever the work takes you and not have to worry about fuel spilling. Not to forget to mention that these machines are lighter than gas-powered tools. They allow you to work extended hours and even overhead with less strain on your muscles.

Not to mention that the batteries that the tool uses have rapid optimum chargers to reduce any downtime.

What Tools Can I Get?

The variety of tools that are available cover all the tasks you need to do to take care of your lawn, hedges, sidewalks, and trees. Those also come in many variations and sizes to best fit your home and your needs. The kinds of tools that you can get at Acme Tools Rule the Outdoors page have chainsaws, blowers, mowers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, and a couple shaft attachment that can change to fit your jobs.

What are my Choices?

You have options between buying combo kits that include one, two, or four 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries or get the bare tool itself.


Get the power to cut branches, limbs, and even trees down easily with these powerful machines. Varying in sizes and batteries needed, these chainsaws will still offer the same power equivalent to gas powered chainsaw with far less noise.


Clear your yard of leaves, grass clipping , and twigs with blowers that are quiet and won’t bother your neighbors.


If you are intimidated by gas mowers or sick of dealing with them? These mowers start with a flip of a switch and can remove grass in no time.

String Trimmer

String trimmers that are light and maneuverable are a commodity when it comes to working long days. These trimmers won’t cause strain on the user and store away with no hassle.

Hedge Trimmer

Trim and shape your hedges easily with these hedge trimmers. Each is light-weight and maneuverable and a few of them have adjustable heads. That way they can get those tight or hard to reach corners without causing you discomfort.

Couple Shaft

This tool is the jack of all trades machine that can fit most jobs that you need. From cultivating a garden to brushing away pebbles on your driveway, this is a great device to have to meet many jobs.

Check out Acme Tools Rule the Outdoors page where you can get detailed information about each machine to get the best one for your home.

Final Thoughts

Rule the Outdoors this year with Makita tools that can satisfy the lawn care professional and easy for the newcomer into outdoor power equipment. Work from dawn till dusk with these machines and never have to slow down with quick chargers and lithium-ion batteries that offer power to get any job done.

Did this article get you excited about these tools? Ready to go out and start making your lawn the best looking on the block? Then head to Acme Tools Online Store. There you can find the best deal this summer on Makita 18V Outdoor Power Equipment.

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