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How To Choose A Milwaukee Heated Jacket

New Milwaukee Heated Jackets

It’s hard to remember the feeling of cold weather in the middle of summer, but temperatures will start dropping before you know it, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. To help protect you from the incoming cold, opens in a new windowMilwaukee has completely revamped their line of heated clothing to cut down how many inches of winter gear you need to wear. So before you bundle yourself up ’til you can’t bend your elbows, or spend half of your day warming yourself in the tool trailer, we’ve made a list of all the new and updated gear to help you choose.

Heated Clothing Basics

Milwaukee heated jackets and other clothing comes in several different styles to match your needs. As a part of Milwaukee’s M12 line, the heated jackets and vests have a higher voltage coursing through the elements than a normal heated jacket would, keeping you much warmer. If you don’t need the full dose of heat though, there are also medium and low settings, controlled by an intuitive power button with color-coded LEDs to let you know what heat level you’re on.

All the heated jackets and vests have a pocket to store your phone and charge it using the M12 power source. And since they run on the M12 battery platform, they’re a natural choice for anyone already using other Milwaukee 12-volt tools.

What’s Updated?

All Milwaukee heated gear heats up faster than ever before, reaching maximum warmth in 3x less time. A new power source lets you recharge the M12 batteries from a normal USB port just like your cell phone, making it simple to top them off in your car while driving between jobs. There are also several all-new pieces, so take a look at what your favorite red tool brand has to offer.

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M12 Heated Jackets

Milwaukee M12 heated jackets are highly versatile, useful in virtually any outdoor winter activity. Despite the weather-resistant outer layer, they are still flexible so you will enjoy greater freedom of movement. The polyester shell is tough enough for beatings on the jobsite while still letting you move and do your work.

In fall and spring, it can be seriously cold in the mornings and evenings, but comfortably warm during the middle of the day. Heated jackets like these keep you warm during those dark hours, without overheating you once the sun comes up. It’s a perfect solution for a wide range of outside temperatures, without ever having to change into a lighter coat.

What’s New This Year?

New heating elements are able to heat up 3 times faster than any previous Milwaukee jacket, so you’ll be at peak warmth within just two-and-a-half minutes. Since the heat elements are just on the torso, there is now extra insulation in the arms so they don’t feel left out. On top of being warmer than ever before, you will also enjoy greater jacket flexibility, thanks to a new proprietary stretch polyester and improved gussets. Additionally, you can recharge your M12 battery from any USB port courtesy of the updated opens in a new windowCompact Charger and Portable Power source. Just plug it in any time you’re indoors, in the car, or on lunch, and you’ll be ready for the next job.

The Same Jacket You Know And Love

With all these changes, you can rest easy knowing it still has all the features you love most. An integrated phone charger in the front pocket is great to combat the battery-sapping cold. As a user favorite, built-in hand warmers also see a return. The M12 jackets are the only Milwaukee heated clothing with built-in hand warmers, so if you need to keep your fingers toasty, this is the pick for you.

To match your style, they are available in red, black, or a special Realtree Edge® Camo edition for hunters. The gray color option has been discontinued.

Best For:

Outdoor winter work, hunting, early fall/spring mornings, winter power sports

Models (Sizes S-3X):

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M12 Heated Hoodies

Updated for the 2018-2019 season, heated hoodies are a great option for many outdoor winter activities. Layer them under other jackets for a heated base layer. Wear them out on the jobsite. Even just wear one to stay warm around the house or to be stylish while holiday shopping. They are also completely machine washable and dryable, so don’t worry about getting them dirty.

Just like normal hoodies, they make a great layer under a jacket. As a base layer, the heating elements will be pressed right up against your core, keeping you nice and toasty. They are not waterproof, but they are great on chilly days as long as it’s not storming. You might not even need another jacket on top of it!

To match with your outfit, Milwaukee heated hoodies are available in either black, gray, or red. They all zip up and feature a waffle-weave inner layer for extra insulation.

What’s New This Year?

Just like the heated jackets, the Milwaukee hoodies heat up 3 times faster than ever before, so less waiting around shivering until the warmth kicks in.

What’s The Catch?

Nothing! You won’t lose anything with these new hoodies, except a few chills on cold days. They have all the same features you enjoy, such as the fitted hood for under hard hats, and the three heat settings. They also still incorporate a cotton-polyester blend in the outer fabric for extra durability. It’s a win-win.

Best For:

Dry chilly weather, base layering, lounging, cold offices

Models (Sizes S-3X):

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New AXIS Heated Jackets And Vests

If you need something versatile to withstand jobsite abuse, look no further than Milwaukee AXIS. Available as a jacket or a vest, it can be worn either as a durable outer shell or as a comfortable middle layer. This new hybrid is protected by an outer shell of rip-stopping polyester so you can trust it to take a few bumps and scrapes while working. Despite the tough exterior, it is also light and compressible and you won’t tire yourself out just moving around.

If you need to have the greatest range of motion, the AXIS heated vest is your best bet. Heating elements in the shoulders keep your core warm, especially when it gets really nippy. You get all the same heating as the full jacket, but your arms are left completely free to move about. It’s the best of both worlds.

AXIS is for everyone too. Men’s and women’s sizes mean everyone at the jobsite can stay comfortable, safe, and stylish.

What’s New This Year?

Everything, literally. Axis is the newest addition to the Milwaukee M12 heated gear lineup, and it looks nice. The name AXIS™ comes from the wind and water-resistant polyester outer layer. It’s light, flexible, and protects you from unwanted precipitation. Just like the jackets and hoodies, the carbon-fiber heating elements heat up three times quicker than older Milwaukee clothes, so it’s easier for you to muster up the courage to face the cold. They also have three heat zones, on your chest, shoulders, and back, giving you all-around coverage in even the worst winter conditions.

What Is It Replacing?

Milwaukee AXIS™ is serving as a replacement to the former 3-in-1 jackets and the old-style M12 heated vests, neither of which will be made this year. On the plus side though, this is a huge step up for both. As a jacket, you can wear it as either an outer shell or as a mid-layer along with your other Milwaukee winter clothes. As a vest, you are getting better element protection and a lighter, more flexible piece of outerwear. Plus, the extra shoulder heating elements keep you warmer than ever. This is the heated gear you never knew you wanted.

Best For:

Jobsites, base layering, outer layering

Mens Models (Sizes S-3X):

Women’s Models (Sizes S-2X):

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Heated Hand Warmers

No matter how good gloves get, some jobs still require using bare hands. Unfortunately, working outside in cold weather freezes fingers and makes them feel like clumsy wads of silly putty. Keep your fingers nimble with an M12 hand warmer. Just plug in the battery, and the fanny-pack style warmer is open on the sides to fit your hands. A fuzzy fleece interior is soft on your paws, and thick cuffs stop any heat from leaking out.

M12 hand warmers are a first-class solution for mechanics, hunters, athletes, and anyone else who needs maximum dexterity on the chilliest days. They have a quiet polyester exterior making them great for extra stealth on the tree stand or in the blind. Football players will love them too, getting extra grip on a crisp Friday night.

One size fits all, and they are available in either black or Realtree Xtra® camo. The adjustable belt has an easy-to-use clip in the back.

The Same Great Hand Warmers

Milwaukee hasn’t announced any changes to their M12 hand warmers this year. As they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Best For:

Construction, winter jobsites, hunting, sports.


Heated Gloves

A Brand New Tool

If you have to work outside during winter months, you understand the pain of cold hands. Brand new this year, Milwaukee is proud to announce their first-ever heated gloves. Made from rip-resistant material, they are tough enough for even the most punishing work use. A full leather palm and fingers are soft to use yet sturdy enough to depend on.

Redlithium Power

Milwaukee heated gloves draw power from the same Redlithium USB batteries as their LED headlamps, which cuts down on bulk and delivers plenty of heat at the same time. Just like all the other heated gear, you can choose between three warmth levels to maintain peak dexterity.

The rechargeable battery is small and won’t get in your way either, tucked into a zippered pocket on the back of your hand. You also won’t need a new charger for these new batteries; they have a micro USB port and plug into a power block just like a cell phone. The included USB charging cable is braided for longevity as well as having aluminum caps on both ends.

Touchscreen Accessible

You won’t even need to take them off to use your phone either: capacitive fingertips work on the touch screens even in bone-chilling winter squalls. Whether you need to double-check blueprints or just answer a text, you can open, send, and close, all from the comfort of Milwaukee innovation.

Best For:

Extreme cold, winter jobsites, winter power sports, hunting

Models (Sizes: M – XL):

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  • Caden Dahl

    February 5, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    With my job, we do a lot of work outside and I’m sure that something like this would help me out a lot. I will see about looking more into this for next year as winter is about over now so it wouldn’t see much use. I’ll just have to check and see if my boss will buy them for us so we don’t have to.


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