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Festool Features and Benefits

Festool Features And Benefits

A Festool Buying Guide150818-Festool-Features-and-Benefits

FESTOOL® has been in the tool business for decades, and in that time they’ve revolutionized the way that tradesmen work. Use this guide to determine the best Festool tools for all your upcoming projects.

Cordless and Power Tools

5B8DD50F-319B-4837-A960-0270EB08918BFestool’s cordless drills are easily portable and can go wherever you need to work. Their true innovation comes from the FastFix™ chuck system. These new Festool tools can change out their chucks to accomplish a wide array of tasks. The Centrotec chuck is ideal for smaller fasteners, and is lightweight to prevent strain on long projects. Right-angle and eccentric chucks each allow you to work in cramped or difficult spaces so you can get at the fasteners without dismantling the work area first. Use the depth-stop chuck to keep from driving too far into drywall or other delicate materials. The standard chuck is useful for when you need to use larger bits, and you can even remove the chucks for a slimmer profile. Add in brushless motors for durability and ergonomic handles and you have a long-lasting, convenient and comfortable tool system for any job.

Festool dust extractors are ideal for cleaning up a jobsite and leaving it with a professional look. These extractors also attach directly to many tools so you can work without ejecting particles into the air. The HEPA models filter out allergens for comfort and safety. A simultaneous activation turns on the extractors at the same time you start using the tool for time-saving convenience. If you purchase an extractor with the SysDock feature, you can attach SysTainer® tool boxes to the top and use the extractor as a wheeled caddy for your tools.

Edge banders help you to apply laminate and other materials to countertops, wall bases and more. Their precise glue applicators prevent the bands from curling up and help to form a tight seal. While most edge banders are stationary, Festools models are compact enough to easily set up and move wherever you need within a room.

B1484C8D-ED9F-424E-9FD4-B80662CA19A5Domino joiners are one of Festool’s greatest innovations. These tools allow you to cut mortises in virtually any woodworking piece. The mortises are sized for Festool’s domino tenons, which provide snug fits and exceptional stability. The customizable width settings and indexing pins let you set up the joiner to make fast, repeatable cuts for production-speed work.

Routers are a woodworker’s best friend when it comes to creating decorative or functional cuts in tabletops, cabinet doors and similar projects. Festool’s routers features MMC control to keep the motor from overheating during demanding situations while maintaining peak performance levels. You can combine the router with guides and templates for consistent results, piece after piece. With a minimum depth adjustment of 1/256 inches, you can set the router to make subtle, graded cuts that look like they were done free-handed with far less effort.

Festool created the orbital sander, and they continue to refine their designs. These sanders come with outstanding vibration control for comfort while you work and greater precision. If you switch from job to job frequently, consider a ROTEX™ multi-mode sander to complete virtually any finishing task with just a single tool. Long-handled drywall sanders make it easy to sand down the ceiling without climbing a ladder.

758BD091-C2B6-4093-8918-ADF8F98698DFFestool manufactures a wide variety of saws to cover construction, carpentry and other tasks. Models with FastFix blade changers allow you to switch out blades using just one hand, which is very useful if you need to hold down your work piece. Like other heavy-duty Festool tools, many of these saws have MMC controls to keep them working at their peak even when cutting through hard materials. Jigsaws with vibration-free designs help keep the blade from deviating from your lines for more precise, beautiful results. Miter saws with angle transfer designs eliminate time spent calculating angle cuts so you can finish the job fast. Track saws, one of Festool’s improvements on the standard circular saw, allow you to run the blade quickly in a straight line using guides. Their triple-bearing motors handle heavy loads so you can keep the saw running throughout the day. Zero-clearance inserts keep splinters from causing unsightly blemishes in your final product and prevent debris from damaging the motor.

Systainers and Sortainers

B8A3A02B-4CCE-42A6-B442-510663802B5ESystainers are Festool’s solution for storing and transporting tools. They’re lightweight, modular boxes that you can carry with you wherever you go. Sortainers differ from Systainers in that instead of holding tools, they’re useful for keeping track of bits, fasteners, hooks and other small items. Every container in the system can stack and lock on top of any other, which lets you hold them in one place when you’re working in your shop and detach them quickly when it’s time to head to the jobsite.

Add the SysPort system to create a large cabinet and wheel your Systainers around the shop. In addition to the spacious SysPort, you can also get the SysCart, which is a compact frame that allows you to push a few or one Systainers under a car or other cramped space for easy access to your tools. When it’s time to take your tools outside, the SysRoll features a handle and adjustable strap for fast, easy and secure transport. All of the moveable systems have non-marring wheels so you can roll them over a client’s finished floor. Casters lock in place to keep your Systainers from rolling away.


Festool batteries let you power your cordless new Festool tools. Each battery is compatible with virtually all Festool cordless tools of the same voltage, so determine which power level you’re going to need and purchase all of your tools at that voltage to be able to swap out between tools for faster work. Grabbing a couple batteries and a charger lets you switch the batteries back and forth so that one always charges while you work to eliminate downtime.

Their lithium-ion design makes Festool’s batteries memory-free, so you can charge them from any power level without gradually diminishing their maximum charge. They charge up quickly so you can use one charger for multiple workers. Optional rubber bumpers attach to the base of your batteries and protect them from damage due to drops or impacts.

Many batteries come in a variety of sizes. Smaller batteries have a lower running time but are lighter for comfortable work and are an excellent choice for hobbyists. Larger batteries weigh more, but they last a long time, which is ideal for when you’re working far from your charger, such as up on a ladder.


Festool’s outstanding warranty covers your tools for up to 36 months of protection. During this time Festool pays for all of the shipping when you send your tool out for service. The average turnaround for labor is 48 hours so you can get back to work fast. A 30-day money-back guarantee lets you buy and try out any tool for a month and send it back if you’re not fully satisfied. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, Festool’s best tools come with the protection you need to work with peace of mind.

Festool continues to innovate with tools that make your jobs easier, last a long time and let you work with comfort. Browse our full stock of new Festool tools and accessories to keep your shop up to date with Festool’s latest developments.


  • Chuck Molnar

    October 15, 2016 at 1:04 am

    I read on FineHomebuilding that Acme is the source for the Festool Pro 5 LTD sander for $99.00. However, I can’t seem to add that item to the shopping cart on your website. How can I go about ordering one of these sanders? Thanks for the help.

    • Acme Tools

      October 17, 2016 at 6:07 pm

      Hi Chuck, Festool has asked that all dealers suspend taking new orders for the PRO 5 LTD Sander until further notice. The request is because of an overwhelming demand and they are evaluating their next steps. We apologize for this issue for those of you that have not had the chance to order it yet and as soon as we know more we will update our website with that information.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools

    • Acme Tools

      October 17, 2016 at 7:59 pm

      Hi Gregg, Festool has asked that all dealers suspend taking new orders for the PRO 5 LTD Sander until further notice. The request is because of an overwhelming demand and they are evaluating their next steps. We apologize for this issue for those of you that have not had the chance to order it yet and as soon as we know more we will update our website with that information.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools


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