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DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 Radio & Charger

Although little information is known, DeWalt released the first product in their upcoming 2020 relaunch: the ToughSystem 2.0 Radio & Charger. The new radio & charger delivers 360 degrees of sound and offers powerful charging capabilities. In the future, expect more product releases in the relaunched system. More information about ToughSystem 2.0 will be released in early 2020.


ToughSystem 2.0 Radio

The Radio & Charger is loaded with user-friendly features. It features four high-performance full-range speakers, an active subwoofer, a passive bass resonator, and a 55W RPMS amplifier for audio clarity. Additionally, Dynamic Range Control provides users with selectable settings for optimal sound, both indoors and outdoors. The DeWalt Radio & Charger’s durable stacking and locking sides attach quickly and is easy to both assemble and disassemble. Also, The ToughSystem 2.0 Radio & Charger is compatible with all current and future Toughsystem products.

Remotely control and sync your mobile device’s radio and music to the DeWalt Radio & Charger with Bluetooth. Charge your device with the included USB port while storing and protecting your phone or battery in the large compartment on top. The radio can run off of DeWalt batteries for cordless operation and charge batteries while plugged in with the AC power cable.

12V Max, 20V Max, & FLEXVOLT

The ToughSystem 2.0 Radio & Charger is fully compatible with DeWalt 12V MAX, 20V MAX, and FLEXVOLT battery platforms. The inclusive revamped system undoubtedly takes convenience to the next level.

ToughSystem 2.0 Radio & Charger ( DWST08820 )

ToughSystem 2.0 Radio & Charger (DWST08820)
Wide Top Handle
IP54 Rated
LCD Motion Flipping Display
Rubberized Keypad
Touch-Sensitive Buttons

Final Thoughts

The ToughSystem 2.0 Radio & Charger is engineered to withstand daily use in the harshest conditions. Because of the high-quality durability, high-performance sound, and convenient charging features, the first ToughSystem 2.0 product is impressive. The new Radio & Charger is the latest solution for workshops, vans, and jobsites.

Stay tuned for more information about the ToughSystem 2.0 relaunch. Shop DeWalt at an Acme Tools near you or visit our online store.

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