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Dremel Versa Power Cleaner Tackles Stubborn Messes

Tackle stubborn soap scum, baked on food, grease, dirt, bug splatter, rust, and more with the new Dremel Versa. The high-speed scrubber is faster than manual cleaning, meaning you’ll use less effort while cleaning more. With a compact design, the lightweight cleaner is ideal for single-hand use and the hard to reach areas. Get the Read More »

Grilling tools for your next family BBQ at Acme Tools

9 Grilling Accessories For Your End Of Summer BBQ!

Say goodbye to summer by throwing the best backyard BBQ. Here at Acme, we believe in Doing Our Best Work, even while cooking. Because even the most experienced grill master needs more than just a spatula, we’ve put together a list of the items required to elevate your grilling game. 1. Cutting Board People often overlook Read More »

Acme Rents for your Next Summer Event

Winter is over, and the cold air is starting to calm down. For a town like Grand Forks, that means it’s time to get ready for the farmers market, the block parties, and any other outside events that happen throughout the Spring and Summer seasons. But setting up can be difficult, dangerous, and stressful, for Read More »

Avalanche Snow Rake: Number 1 Roof Tool

Snow is piling high on your roof, and right now it’s not a problem. Left unattended snow’s extreme weight can cause damage to the infrastructure of your roof and become a hazard when falling. If you decide to let it to melt it might refreeze, and you will run the risk of getting an ice Read More »

Snow Shovel: Protect your Family from Slipping Hazards

Your family is coming over for the holidays! Then you see that the driveway covered in snow and ice. You need a shovel, but you can’t find it, it’s broken, or you need a new one. Read on to see which snow shovel will be best for you and your home. The holidays are around Read More »

Holiday Tool Gift Buying Guide 2018

Do you know what to get for the person in your life who loves tools? Need some Christmas/Holiday gift ideas? Need help on where to begin? Keep reading to find out a way to slim down your options. The holiday season has started, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to get Read More »

How To Build A Modern Picnic Table

Building a Modern Outdoor Picnic Table Add a bit of style and sturdiness to your outdoor patio with this build from Johnny Brooke from Crafter Workshop. This build initially used Ipe, a tropical hardwood from Brazil. If you can order that type of wood go for it but you could also substitute for pressure treated Read More »

How to Dress For the Midwest (And Other Cold States)

Get Ready. Winter is Coming! Grand Forks, ND is one of the coldest cities in the country. Living here you know that winter, the cold, and wind chill, is nothing to take lightly. Witnessing students, and people who are unfamiliar with the Midwest, experience their first winter is always a site. Then overhearing how some Read More »