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Feature Image of Oxx Coffeebox Blog Post

Brew Anywhere With the Oxx CoffeeBoxx

Single-Serve Beverage Convenience On The Job

The invention of the Keurig® brewing system in 1998 changed coffee preparation forever, and the Oxx CoffeeBoxx from Oxx brings the benefits of a single-serve machine to your job site. It lets everyone brew their favorite hot beverages when they want, and it’s built to handle harsh conditions found at construction sites, in farm fields and on camping trips.

It Starts with the Brew

Most hot beverage lovers have a preferred drink, and single-serve brewers let them choose their favorite strong coffee brand, a particular tea blend or a flavored beverage that suits their mood. The Oxx CoffeeBoxx works with any K-Cup® pod, giving you and your coworkers access to an incredible range of hot drinks, which include single-source and blended coffees worthy of National Coffee Day, green and black teas, hot cider and hot chocolate. Many of these products feature fair trade or organic ingredients and come in regular and decaffeinated varieties. All offer the convenience of speedy preparation. The Oxx CoffeeBoxx brews a fresh, hot beverage in about 75 seconds.

You can also reap the benefits of single-serve brewing without relying on K-Cup pods. The Oxx CoffeeBoxx dispenses hot water at the touch of a button. You can use it to brew hot tea using your favorite tea bag, make soup with an instant mix or prepare freeze-dried meals on a camping trip.

Enjoy Fresh-Brewed Flavor Anywhere with the Oxx CoffeeBoxx

If you’ve ever asked, “Where can I find coffee near me?” you now know the answer. It’s in the CoffeeBoxx. This product only weighs about 12 pounds when empty and has a rubberized handle that provides a secure grip, making it easy to take on the road. Its 84.5-ounce water reservoir is enough for about 10 cups of your favorite beverage, and a built-in charcoal filter ensures the water in your brew is pure.

The Oxx CoffeeBoxx has large top-mounted controls and LED indicators that are easy to read and operate, even if you’re wearing gloves. Small, medium and large beverage settings and separate brew and hot water buttons offer a variety of preparation options. The retractable power cord plugs into any 120V power source, and an auto-off feature prevents electrical mishaps. The brewer also has a removable drip tray that simplifies cleanup when your workday is done.

Five Unique Oxx CoffeeBoxx Features

While brewing capabilities are critical, the CoffeeBoxx, like all Oxx products, also withstands harsh field conditions. Here’s how:

  • The heavy-duty Oxx case withstands loads of up to 1,500 pounds
  • A dust-resistant shell keeps contaminants away from your brew
  • The spillproof tank keeps your water supply in the brewer
  • Structural ribbing built into the case protects components from shocks and impacts
  • Six stainless-steel tie-downs let you secure the Oxx CoffeeBoxx anywhere

The Oxx CoffeeBox brings versatile single-cup brewing to job sites, farm fields and campgrounds and is tough enough to withstand the challenges dished out by these harsh environments. Add a CoffeeBoxx to your work gear or camping equipment and enjoy your favorite hot beverage on the job or in the field.

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