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Featured garage with the title "Best 45 Tools That Everyone Should Someday Own" written over image.

45 Tools Everyone Needs in 2019

A list of 45 tools to have around the house. Some might be used all the time, others you will be glad you have when you need them.

1. Measuring Tape

Stanley 35' Measuring Tape

Sure 10′ measuring tapes are nice, but 35′ will come in handy. Can’t go wrong with the classic Stanley Powerlock.


2. Hammer

Martinez 15 oz. hammer

Easy choice for this list, but did you know some can cost more than $200? Check out Martinez Hammers for some of the best hammers on the planet. If you swing a hammer all day, this could save you shoulder or elbow surgery in the future.


3. Tool Belt

Top of the line tool belt

There’s a lot of affordable tool belts out there. If you want one that’s top of the line and made in ‘Merica we suggest Occidental Leather.




4. Gas Can

5 gallon no-spill red gas can.

Ever get home from work and realize you don’t have enough gas to get back to the pump? Yeah, we’ve never done it either. No-Spill gas cans are perfect.


5. Ladder

Werner Multi-position ladder.

Multi-position ladders are the best for around the house, they become extremely useful no matter what the season. The question is, are you a Werner person or more a Little Giant Safety individual?


6. Stud Finder

Bosch stud finder.

If you’ve never used a stud-finder before, don’t worry, they’re super easy. Step 1: Turn on stud finder. Step 2: Get the attention of your significant other. Step 3: Point stud-finder at chest. Step 4: Making beeping noise.


7. Pliers

Vise-Grip blue and yellow needle nose pliers

Pliers come in handy all the time. It’s also the best tool to have on hand for every fisherman on the planet. Just make sure you have your pliers on a lanyard. It’s hard to find those things 35′ underwater.


8. Wire Strippers

Blue wire stripper.

Wire strippers are tools specially made for when you can’t seem to find your pliers. Did you know that electricians even use the tools to strip wires?


9. Lawn Mower

Honda push lawnmower

Are you battling for the best lawn in the neighborhood? Say no more, keep it simple with the Honda 21in. Push Mower.


10. Cordless Drill

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Drill

If you really want to go big, there are tons of cordless combo kits out there to get you started on your cordless tools journey. But, if you want to keep it simple around the house we suggest a Milwaukee M12 Drill.


11. Grill

Char-Broil electric grill.

Lets set the record straight on a few things. #1: A grill is absolutely a tool, ask any Dad ever. #2: If you say “Charcoal grills make everything taste so much better” then you better have gone to culinary school. It’s the 21st century, check out the Char-Broil Electric Patio Bistro.


12. Blower

Milwaukee Gen II blower

Completing tasks feels good because of the release of dopamine. Blowing your deck and driveway will make your day much better. Check out Milwaukee’s cordless blower.


13.  Extension Cord

Coleman Cable yellow extension cord.

Everyone needs an extension cord, and there’s nothing wrong with the classic orange. It gets the job done. But if you invest a little more money then you can get a extension cord with lit ends. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s one of those things you love when you have it.


14. Level

Blue Irwin level.

Stop eyeballing it, just use the level already.



15. Pressure Washer

Karcher yellow pressure washer.

Even watching YouTube videos of people using pressure washers is mesmerizing. If you plan to sell your house, make sure you pressure wash everything that you can outside, it will look so much better after you’re done.


16. Shovel

Wooden handled spade shovel.

Keep it classic with the wooden handled spade shovel. Just don’t forget to wear gloves when you pull it out in the spring.


17. Tool Storage

Milwaukee PACKOUT tool storage.

You have to put all these tools somewhere. The Milwaukee PACKOUT has been all the craze lately.



18. Screwdriver

Small Irwin Screwdriver

The tool industry has done a major injustice to the screwdriver business. What happened to wooden handles? Who made the call to only make them out of rubber? Thankfully Felo stays true to their roots.


19. Vacuum

Shop Vac vacuum.

Shop Vac’s are to shop vacuums, as Kleenex is to facial tissue.



20. Cooler

Grey Yeti cooler.

Yeah, we sell Yeti, and yes they are amazing. We also sell a 53 qt Portable Fridge/Freezer that looks just like a cooler. This cooler is the Taj Mahal of coolers. If we can still call it that?


21. Hose

Gray Hose.

At #15 we had a pressure washer, and sometimes a hose can really come in handy with those things.



22. Multi-Tool

Leatherman Multi Tool.

One word: Leatherman



23. Workbench

Birch hobby workbench from sjobergs.

We know most people make their own workbench, but if you’re ever interested in buying one Sjobergs Hobby Plus Bench 1340 is a great choice. It’s actually very comforting knowing you workbench is 100% flat.


24. Chainsaw

Husqvarna chainsaw.

So many options with chainsaws nowadays. How do you choose? Well, Husqvarna makes a 20 In. Chainsaw that even gets Tim the Tool Man Taylor excited.


25. Heater

Portable Mr. Heater heater.

Mr. Heater set the bar with their Portable Buddy Heater. Changing out those small propane tanks is so simple. This is our favorite companion when we’re out ice fishing or at the hunting shack.


26. Fan

Crusader black fan.

No, we’re not talking about the box fans that they used to prop the gymnasium doors open in middle school. We’re talking about the Air Mover/Floor Dryer. These things go to work.


27. Light

DeWalt cordless light.

Don’t think lights can be cool? Check out DeWalt’s Cordless Tripod Light.



28. Wheelbarrow

Blue Jackson wheelbarrow with one tire.

Your back will thank you later, look for a Flat Free Tire Wheelbarrow.



29. Voltage Detector

Milwaukee voltage detector.

Takes all the fun out of the “Touch it” “No, you touch it” game.



30. Tarp

Blue Grip-Rite tarp.

Why do we painfully suffer through 10-year-old tarps that have holes in them? These things cost like as much as a meal at McDonald’s yet 95% of owned tarps have holes. Stop suffering.


31. Beverage Container

DeWalt Water Cooler

The classic DeWalt water cooler. Too bad it doesn’t come with pretzels and orange slices.


32. Clamp

Irwin quick-grip clamp close up.

Even if you’re not a common woodworker, you will still find a use for clamps laying around the garage. Good news is that there’s an Irwin 4-Pack to have on hand.


33. Trimmer

DeWalt Cordless 20 volt brushless string trimmer.

DeWalts 20v Brushless String Trimmer is so accurate you could almost give the local neighborhood kids free high and tight haircuts.


34. Storage

Rubbermaid storage cabinet for the garage.

“Just throw it in there for now”, stays there for 8 and 1/2 years.



35. Rags

Scott 200 count of all-purpose rags.

You’ve wiped your hands on the same dirty old hand towel for how long? At this point, your hands are dirtier than before you tried wiping them off. Scott Rags in a Box is extremely underrated and comes in a 200 pack.


36. Jack

Red Sunex 8 ton car jack.

A jack isn’t just for cars, if one sits in your garage long enough you will find great uses for it. Sunex sells a very affordable 8 Ton Bottle Jack.



37. Sawhorses

Pair of Works sawhorses with embedded clamps.

Sawhorses are great to have around, and Works created a pair that comes with clamps attached.



38. Thermometer

Extech indoor/outdoor thermometer.

Sure we get weather on our phones, but you still put a clock on your wall. Why? Because it’s convenient. Check out Extech’s Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer.


39. Shears

Fiskars metal sheers.

Don’t let those bushes get out of control. Tame those beasts with Fiskars Hedge Shears.



40. Garbage Can

Brute 44 gallon gray garbage can.

Just like the rag, the Brute 44 Gallon Trash Container doesn’t get the respect it deserves. You never think garbage cans are amazing until you have a great one.


41. Pry Bar

Vaughan 15 in. SuperBar prybar.

Some projects you try to be really delicate and make sure you don’t break anything. Other times you turn it up to 11 and grab a Vaughn pry bar and give it hell.


42. Storage Shelf

We know we already had “Storage” on the list, but the self is different. It’s constantly evolving the items it holds with the seasonal changes. DeWalt makes some heavy duty shelves.


43. Square

Johnson aluminum square.

Why are squares shaped like “L”?



44. Utility Knife

DeWalt sharp utility knife.

If you want to get fancy with it DeWalt calls theirs a “Folding Retractable Auto-Load Knife“.  Touché.



45. 3-In-1 Breakfast Station

A breakfast station with a coffee maker, griddle, and toaster oven.

Okay, maybe this shouldn’t have made the list. But if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then wouldn’t this 50’s Style 3-In-1 Breakfast Station be the most important tool on the list?


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