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osha compliant

Being OSHA Compliant With The New Crystalline Silica Rule

OSHA is issuing two new standards to protect workers from exposure to respirable crystalline silica.  The first for construction will be in effect on September 23, 2017* and the other is for General Industry and Maritime which will be in effect on June 23, 2018. Here is what you need to be OSHA compliant. Why…

11 Reasons You Should Buy A MBW Plate Compactor Now

We’ve complied 11 reasons you’re going to want to have a MBW plate compactor: 1)  Large eccentric weight provides high amplitude, impact energy and travel speed 2)  Low eccentric frequency offers longer life to bearings and components 3)  Stress relieved steel plate housings are crack resistant and provide long wear 4)  Aluminum exciter housing with cooling…

Digital Empire® Level Review

Same Functionality, WAYYY Better Features Available in several lengths, digital box levels from Empire Level let you make sure your project or materials are level quickly. Make your job is as easy as possible and increase efficiency on your job site with these levels’ dual backlit display that makes it possible to see measurements in nearly…

maker movement

The Exploding Maker Movement

What Is The Maker Movement A not-so-quiet revolution is underway that is reshaping how products are being made and sold. An exploding number of independent inventors, designers, crafters, and tinkerers have ventured into the business world and created the “Maker Movement.” This trend is so prevalent that in 2015, President Barack Obama declared a National…