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Milwaukee REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND M18 9.0Ah Battery

Keep Your Tools Running Until the Job’s Done with the HIGH DEMAND™ Battery Pack #48-11-1890 This advanced power system from Milwaukee can make up to 537 cuts on a single charge using a Milwaukee portable circular saw. The HIGH DEMAND 9.0 Ah battery is compatible with all past and future M18 designs. The Milwaukee 48-11-1890…

Multimeter Safety

Multimeter Safety

Multimeter Safety Tips The Multimeter is one of the coolest things invented if you ask me. This cool little box can measure invisible forces like voltage, current, and resistance, just to name a few. One other function is to keep you safe. But did you know that there are a couple of extremely dangerous situations where…

Preparing for Winter Storms

Preparing For Winter Storms

How To Prepare For A Winter Storm Heavy snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures and high winds create conditions that make travel impossible and may affect utilities and emergency services. Winter weather can also have a significant impact on your family and home if you’re not ready for it. Preparing for winter storms can help keep your…