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DeWalt Unveils FLEXVOLT System

DeWalt FLEXVOLT Cordless Tools On June 21, 2016, DeWalt launched the FLEXVOLT System in spectacular fashion. Members from the media and other VIP guests were bused to a top-secret airport hangar outside Baltimore where DeWalt introduced the world’s first battery that automatically changes voltage when the user changes tools. What’s more, it was shown that…


Welding Safety and What it Means for You and Your Clients

Why welding safety matters Safety in the workplace is something every industry has to respect and metalworking is no exception. Welding creates fumes that are very dangerous when they’re inhaled, and metalworkers deal with extremely hot metal and dangerous equipment on a daily basis. Welding safety begins with a thorough understanding of what could go…

Potential Pitfalls Facing the Electrical System in Older Homes

Potential Pitfalls Facing the Electrical System in Older Homes

Electrical system issues in old homes Electrical work has come a long way throughout the years with advancements in Electrical Systems and Electrical Tools. A well-designed, modern electrical system is pre-planned, well-contained, and attached to an electrical panel that is designed to properly handle the current for each area of the home. Older electrical systems…

How To Make Perfect Decorative Edges With A Router

Use Your Router To Make Decorative Edges What’s the difference between a few edge-glued boards and an eye-grabbing tabletop? Usually it’s the decorative edge of the tabletop that sets it apart. Edges profiled with a router and any of hundreds of available bits transform common boards into beautiful, professional-looking, finished project parts. And they’re easy…