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Woodworking Hardware

Achieve a seamless, professional look for your joinery and cabinetry with our precision-cut woodworking hardware. Unsightly pocket holes can mar the surface of an otherwise flawless piece, so we've pre-cut plugs to cover those holes and keep your final product looking smooth. With the help of these supplies, you can build strong joints without sacrificing your project's appearance.
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When joining wood, pocket screws create a much stronger bond than simply edge-gluing two pieces. Our woodworking hardware supplies are cut at the perfect angle to fill the diagonal holes created by a pocket drill, eliminating the tedious measuring and cutting involved in making your own pocket plugs.

No matter what type of wood your project requires, we have woodworking hardware to suit your needs. If you want the natural material to shine through, we have maple, walnut and even cedar plugs. If you plan to apply a lacquer finish, you might prefer a plastic plug. Regardless of the type of plug you choose, our entire selection of pocket plugs adhere to the same high standards.

In order to get the most out of these products, you'll need to stock up on other items as well. Hardware fasteners and adhesives are crucial for joining your pieces, and sandpaper will help to get your plugs flush with the rest of the wood. For a more professional look, cover the surface around the plug you wish to sand with tape, to avoid damaging the piece.

When choosing the proper woodworking hardware for a project, the material of the plugs is the primary concern. Professional woodworkers may wish to have a variety of plugs on hand to be prepared to work with any type of wood. These products may seem like a tiny detail overall, but it's the details that separate the professionals from the amateurs.
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