Woodpecker® provides woodworking tools for handling many projects. The company began manufacturing routers and has grown to now manufacture router lifts, clamps, router fences, measuring tools and more. Woodpecker tools are manufactured and assembled in the USA and ship all around the world. Choose from our range of Woodpecker hand tools to tackle your woodworking projects.
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Woodpecker router tables are popular tools for woodworking, and equipping your table with the right accessories makes precision routing easier and more productive. Router lifts from Woodpecker tools make changing bits or bit height quick and easy. With the aid of a lift wrench, you can move the motor easily. A convenient thumb wheel makes simple adjustments effortless and efficient and is easily operated with one finger. Woodpecker tools coping sleds make tasks such as routering lap joints and other end cuts convenient by trapping the board between the fence and the adjustable top plate, which is slotted, allowing up to 5 1/2 inches in width. The board is held down with clamps so it doesn't lift while cutting.

While gluing or fastening, wood clamps hold everything together tight for precision work. Woodpecker tools box clamps are made to eliminate the need to adjust or square corners on your project and are ideal for 90-degree joints. Woodworking and T-squares are shaped for making measurements easy. The T-squares feature an aluminum blade and billeted handle for exact non-slip measurements. Precision triangles and woodworking squares offer the same solid construction and reliability of all Woodpecker tools.

Woodpecker Test and Measurement Tools such as a saw gauge make sure your saw blade is perfectly aligned eliminating burns on the wood once it is cut using three steel pins that adjust to the miter slots width with precise results. Woodpecker woodworking tools offer creative and versatile tools to make effective solutions for woodworking tasks.
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