Werner Scaffolding

When you're climbing to do your job, you want the ultimate in stability and operational ease. Werner ladders and scaffolding are industry-renown for their durable construction and their adaptability to any off-the-ground job.
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Werner® scaffolding, in particular, consists of a versatile range of products that can be integrated into raised platforms for elevated work that meet ANSI and OSHA standards for work safety and efficiency. For whatever scaffolding system you choose, Werner offers numerous planks and stages that have industry-accepted weight ratings and can accommodate teams of 1 to 3 workers.

Werner aluminum scaffolding planks, stages and decks work with different platform systems, including steel frames, pump jacks and ladders. For time efficiency and mobility, platforms can be suspended between two extension ladders with 2-rung and 3-rung Werner ladder jacks, secured with a clamping system that also adds rigidity to the jacking frame. Werner planks and stages get added security in the ladder-jack system with Werner ladder levelers and Werner's locking top-rail stabilizing bar that provides a 10-inch working gap when used.

The family of Werner scaffolding also includes Werner scaffolding kits that consist of a portable steel staging platform of up to 4 feet, with step-ups at 12, 24 and 36 inches. The other component of Werner scaffolding kits is a portable and foldable aluminum work platform that provides a large standing or working surface when its legs are locked in place.

These component pieces of Werner scaffolding are just an example of an extensive line of Werner ladder, scaffolding, safety and security tools that shape the family of Werner products. Professionals trust the name when they have to work in elevated positions. Werner scaffolding lets workers get up to their job site safely, do their jobs efficiently, and then have their feet on the ground when done.
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