Werner ladders and scaffolding make your commercial or home projects safer and easily accessible. They have a well-earned reputation for quality that you can trust every time you climb one of their ladders.
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Werner extension ladders let you climb the side of a house. Plant the high-grip feet level on the ground and lean the top of the ladder against the building. The ladder should be at such an angle that when you plant your feet at the base of the ladder and extend your arms parallel to the ground your hands can just grab the nearest rung.

For inside work or some low tree jobs, Werner step ladders are ideal. It's stable on its own; you just need to plant all four feet on the floor. Use one to change light bulbs, reach branches or anything else where you need a bit of extra height. If you have to get higher but need to use both hands while you stand upright, Werner podium ladders are an excellent solution. These ladders look like step ladders but have a platform to stand on halfway up.

If you live in a multi-story home, Werner attic ladders offer you fast access to the attic and take up very little space. These ladders actually fold up into your ceiling and extend when you pull them down to safely ascend. You can close them up again to keep children out of the attic.

We understand you need dependability and stability when you're working on a ladder. Werner scaffolding and ladders provide both every day. These ladders are easy to transport and set up so you can get right to work. Upgrade to Werner quality to day and get your project done quickly with worry-free performance.
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