Weber Charcoal Grills

Our selection of Weber® charcoal grills invigorates your meats and foil-packed vegetables with a unique flavor that isn't offered with propane-fueled grills. After carefully arranging the briquettes, let the heat rise before adding in your food. The Weber charcoal grills come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the space you have available in your yard or the amount of food you need to cook.
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The Weber charcoal grills come with matching lids to lock in the aroma and heat as each piece is laid across the plated steel cooking grate. Move it wherever you want to grill in your yard on its wheels before you start heating it up, picking a spot that lets you show off your newest gadget to your friends. To keep your Weber products in top shape, many of the grills feature a one-touch cleaning system and an aluminum ash catcher that removes to be emptied easily. The cooking area along the Weber charcoal grill ranges from 18.5 to 26 inches, giving you plenty of room to spread out your poultry, steak, hot dogs and other favorite meat products to grill.

If you prefer a grill that maintains the heat without fiery charcoal, Weber propane grills are also available. This consistent heat source helps to create an even sear on your steaks or veggies. We also offer a line of Weber electric grills if you live in an area that restricts you from producing fumes around your home. The electric grills plug in and require no gas, minimizing the maintenance cost of a gasoline- or charcoal-fueled grill

As the summer heat rolls in, invite your friends and family over for a cookout to celebrate your new Weber charcoal grill from our repertoire of models. Add a Weber Performer charcoal grill to your outdoor cookware equipment for a meal that demonstrates your grilling skills.
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