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The Weber reputation grows from its exceptional outdoor grills. These well-constructed devices provide delicious barbecued food for family events, neighborhood picnics and work outings. The famous Weber smokers and grills include all sorts of functions for outdoor cooks, and you don't need a culinary degree to use them effectively. You just need good food and a few friends to join you at the table.
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Weber charcoal grills offer traditional methods for cooking. They range from the most basic individual outdoor designs to full barbecue sets with all the bells and whistles. Weber propane grills come with the same variety. This line of grills includes options for easy portability and those that become the centerpiece of the home patio. Weber natural gas grills feature luxurious space and designs. They make full-size meals that can feed the whole work crew and work just as well for outdoor events at home.

Weber electric grills remain a popular choice among some barbecue enthusiasts as well. This group of grills does not generate the kind of smoke that others do, and it cooks all your favorites with the same clean style you get inside. Completed with a full collection of Weber cooking tools and utensils, these grills act like an outdoor kitchen. They allow you to spend afternoons and evenings outdoors and enjoying the fresh air while you cook the cuisine.

Choose the grill that best suits your cooking style. Charcoal provides an excellent smokey flavor to a variety of foods. Propane gives a clean cook and offers a reliable fuel source. Electric grills offer the same clean cooking and require minimal effort for setup. Create your own outdoor dining experience with one of these Weber grills and share a delicious meal with your friends and family outdoors.
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