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Wagner® painting tools provide efficient power to quickly paint any surface with precision, including a variety of air and Wagner's airless paint sprayers. The company's tools and paint supplies are made for both industry professionals and homeowners.
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Wagner sprayers come in four basic types including interior/exterior, interior, exterior and professional models. The interior/exterior models feature an X-Boost turbine which is 50 percent quieter and 20 percent lighter than most airless sprayers while granting multiple power settings for different projects. These Wagner paint sprayers can spray both unthinned interior and exterior latex paints as well as sealers, stains, urethane and oil-based products. Exterior models excel in fast coverage with precise spray patterns while reducing overspray. Indoor Wagner paint sprayers feature iSpray™, which can handle unthinned latex, as well as other materials. They can handle all painting tasks, including difficult corners and edges. The professional line of Wagner paint sprayers hold more paint than the other models and feature longer spray hoses with a swivel gun for comfort. Some feature a rugged cart, making them more mobile.

Other Wagner tools include rollers and pads, which are an alternative to sprayers; these are available in powered and unpowered versions. The unpowered models have a self-contained paint system and a release mechanism that allows you to control the paint flow. Some of the models that are powered attach to paint cans and deliver the paint through a hose system while other versions have motors that deliver the paint at the push of a button.

Other Wagner power tools we carry include surface preparation tools such as heat guns, steamers and the brand's Paint Eater tool. The heat guns remove paint but also thaw frozen pipes and loosen old floor boards. The Paint Eater tool removes paint with its flexible fiber disc without damaging the surface underneath. The steamers make wallpaper removal easy and can also remove grime from a barbecue or stove top.
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