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Wacker Neuson trowels are used to create smooth, burnished surfaces in concrete applications. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts use these concrete trowels both in-plant and on-site in various work situations. They are powerful tools that are built for safety, reliability and performance.
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There are a variety of Wacker Neuson products designed to be used to work with concrete. Many Wacker Neuson power trowels feature a professional-grade, single-cylinder gasoline engine. They also include various safety features to prevent injuries, such as a kill-switch that quickly brings the machine to a stop. Throttle level settings must be set at zero in order for the tool to start, preventing this equipment from inadvertent handle rotation and lack of control. Wacker Neuson trowels have a pitched blade for better burnishing and offer variable speeds to optimize operation. Most models feature an adjustable handle mechanism with twist pitch. These tools also feature a patented, dynamically balanced design for ease of use and user comfort.

There are numerous ways to use different Wacker Neuson tools together when working with concrete. Work situations involving power trowels can also require the use of additional tools such as Wacker Neuson power cutters, which cut concrete, even when wet. Concrete is a popular material used in various applications, and in many locations, workers use Wacker Neuson concrete vibrators to mix concrete quickly and eliminate air bubbles, making it easier to finish.

Wacker Neuson tools are well known and are standard equipment for many professionals and construction companies. This equipment is respected for high quality and excellent performance and is prized in the building and construction industries. Professionals who work with concrete recognize the brand name and reputation. When selecting your next tools, consider the advantages of Wacker Neuson tools, evaluate their features to decide what they can do for you.
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