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Wacker Neuson power cutters are professional-grade cut-off saws for concrete cutting and metal demolition. They are durable and require little maintenance, making them extremely productive. Wacker power cutters feature high-torque engines that maximize cutting performance. Many cutters feature a three-stage air filtration system that ensures consistent engine performance.
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Quality Wacker Neuson products such as these gasoline saws feature effortless starting with purge bulbs, decompression valves and Soft-Start effortless starters. These tools feature top-of-the-line vibration dampening with vibration levels at under 5m/s2, combined with optimal spacing between the handles for ultra-comfortable operation. Wacker Neuson cut-off saws can be used with optional diamond blades, which are known for exceptional hardness and cutting power. This equipment has a long life and is known for reliability and overall performance. With these comfort features, these saws can be used continuously for up to 8 hours per day.

Wacker Neuson power cutters are wet-cutting capable, so you can use them in situations where dust control is critical. Wacker Neuson water pumps are ideal for use with this tool in work areas where a lot of water has to be removed prior to cutting. Concrete cutting is one part of the work process, and working with concrete in-plant or on-site sometimes requires additional equipment, such as Wacker Neuson demolition breakers. These tools quickly hammer through hard, thick materials to tear up sidewalks and break up concrete and rocks.

Wacker Neuson concrete cut-off saws are high-quality, durable tools that are well known for their performance and reliability and are trusted by professionals in a wide range of industries. These well-designed tools are in line with industry standards and are widely used by craftsmen around the world. When you need to cut through concrete and other similar materials, carefully evaluate your needs to find the best power cutters for the job.
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