Wacker Demolition Breakers

Wacker Neuson demolition breakers deliver powerful blows, breaking up concrete and pavement with up to 35 percent more power than a traditional rotary hammer. The percussion rate of these tools varies depending on the model, with some offering up to 1,250 blasts per minute. Whether you choose a gasoline or an electric option, each is flexible in its use, quick and efficient for demolishing masonry and concrete.
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Wacker Neuson electric demolition breakers need an external power source for operation, making them ideal for construction projects inside buildings and homes. However, using them on remote job sites, even those that do not have electrical outlets, is possible with Wacker Neuson portable generators. Many of these hammers feature a brushless drive, which helps increase the lifespan of the machine by eliminating the need for maintenance on this part. These demolition breakers often boast high percussion rate and single-stroke impact energy rates for optimal operating performance and fast demolition.

Gasoline-powered breakers are environmentally friendly, with many featuring low-emission engines. A Wacker Neuson gasoline demolition breaker is more flexible in its use than an electric option and does not require a generator or air compressor for operation. Most come with large-volume fuel tanks that help ensure long, continuous operating times. While the percussion systems on these Wacker Neuson demolition breakers require some maintenance, keeping the tools operating is as simple as using a small grease gun on the Zerk fitting.

As with any construction tool, including Wacker Neuson trowels, water pumps and vibrators, the weight of the breakers helps determine portability and ease of use. Most feature lightweight plastic housings and weigh an average of only 65 pounds, making the carrying of Wacker Neuson demolitions breakers to and from the job site, as well as using them for extended periods of time, easier.

Break through concrete, pavement and masonry quickly and easily with durable and dependable Wacker Neuson electric demolition breakers and gasoline-powered hammers. Find these and other essential tools, like Wacker Neuson power cutters, pumps and heaters, for your job site.
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