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When you want to make your yard and garden look nice, look through our selection of True Temper® tools to accomplish that goal. No matter the weather, we have tools available to help you clear the winter snow or the autumn leaves. True Temper tools are high-quality equipment that help get your yard ready for every season.
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Keeping your yard in the best shape is important as holidays come and go. When summer fades away and the leaves begin to fall, use our selection of rakes to clear it out and carry it in one of the True Temper wheelbarrows. During the chilly winter, the selection of True Temper snow and ice removal equipment helps to clear your driveway so you don't slip and slide on the frozen ground. When the warmer months arrive, take your True Temper shovels out to start preparing a spot for a springtime garden or removing the accumulated weeds.

If you want to completely renovate your yard, take charge with our True Temper sledge hammers to destroy drywall and obliterate masonry. Hickory and fiberglass handles both offer separate advantages on the True Temper tools. With the hickory handle, you receive maximum strength and shock resistance. With the fiberglass, you have the ultimate safety and durability for your tool. Choose the variation of the True Temper tools hammer head that accommodates your job, whether you need a double-faced head or one with a pointed end to pierce through layers of tough material.

With our variety of tools at your disposal, rip apart and redesign your yard. From rakes and snow shovels to sledge hammers, you'll find everything you need to transform your yard into a beautiful landscape that complements your home. Add True Temper tools to the shed to take on all your projects.
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