Trimmers are excellent tools for picking up missed grass blades on your lawn or clearing large spots of growth from your garden. There are a few varieties of these tools, and each one has its specific applications.
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String trimmers spin a length of nylon line around a spool to chop up grass leaves. They move so fast that they can often chop the same blade up several times before it lands on your lawn for easy mulching. Brush cutters are heavy-duty versions that can equip accessories like metal blades for clearing blackberries, woody plants and other undesirable growth. They're also better-suited to all-day landscaping jobs due to comfort features like bicycle handles with soft grips. Make sure that you wear all the recommended protective equipment when you use metal attachments.

Hedge trimmers have long, straight handles that utilize motorized blades to cut into shrubs. You can do anything from a level cut across your entire hedge to ornamental shrubbery with one of these tools. Trimmers shears are ultra-detailed tools that feature several small, scissors-like blades at the front. They reach where other tools can't go, such as between rocks, to cut your trickiest weeds.

Trimmer attachments make your job easier and give you extra performance. Extra spools on hand save you a trip to refill when you run out. Some models of shears allow you to attach hedge blades for extra versatility. Certain hedge models can combine with articulated extensions to convert into pole saws for cutting large limbs out of trees while you stand safely on the ground.

Trimmers add a professional-level of precision cuts to your lawn and garden. They're lightweight and easy to run. Check out their features listed here on our site and grab one of these versatile tools for your home or landscaping business today.
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