Tool Sharpening Equipment

Keep all of your metal tools in tip-top condition with our quality tool sharpening equipment. Not only are sharp tools more efficient, producing better cuts and holes, they're also safer, being less likely to slip and cause damage or injury. With the help of these essential power tool accessories, you can save yourself a lot of risk and increase the performance and durability of your tools.
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The analog components of most professional tool sharpening systems are the stones. Whetstones are as old as metal tools themselves and have always been a reliable, tried-and-true method for keeping blades sharp and efficient. Whether you're sharpening your ax for an extended bout of woodcutting or putting a fine edge on a hunting knife before a backpacking excursion, our versatile and advanced sharpening stones will provide an ideal surface.

If you find yourself sharpening a lot of tools, you may find it worthwhile to invest in one of our tool sharpening machines. These powerful electric tool sharpeners use a high-speed abrasive wheel to accomplish what a whetstone does by hand. Simply hold your chisel or knife against the wheel and watch it work, in a fraction of the time a conventional whetstone would have taken.

When using an electric tool sharpener, however, it is wise to use one of our sharpening jigs. We offer jigs for a variety of tools, from simple angle for chisels and axes to more complex drill bit sharpeners to keep your holes clean. Ensure that all your tools get the maintenance they deserve with specialized tool sharpening equipment.

It's easy to forget about sharpening and allow your tools to become dull, but a few minutes spent sharpening will save you hours down the road. Investing in the appropriate tool sharpening equipment is an excellent way to make your tools last for years to come.
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