Super Glue

Super glue provides one of the most robust adhesive choices for both home and professional uses. This stout substance holds various materials and works on a wide variety of projects. Whether you need to repair a broken household item or adhere a small workplace component, super glue gel provides the strength and versatility needed for a lasting hold.
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The best adhesives work with more than one material and the types we offer work with a wide variety. Most super glue should work as well on moderately porous surfaces as it does on dense materials. Like any good construction adhesive, a well-chosen glue should hold up to whatever the job calls for. This includes tensile strength when used to secure heavy or strained objects. For example, we often recommend different wood glues to our customers to use for their furniture repair projects.

Industrial super glue provides an enormous range of uses in the professional environment. For projects using alternative materials or a mixture of different materials, we often turn to general solutions. While most strong super glue comes with everything needed to create a strong hold, we recommend glue guns and accessories for additional control. These devices provide extra leverage when working with industrial projects. These tools allow the user to keep their gloves and hands clean along the way. Even gorilla super glue uses its own container for applications and sometimes, additional hardware may help with epoxies. Hard-drying adhesives often require two separate solutions to reach their final state, one that adheres the surface and another to harden it. These options, including super glue for wood, often require little more than pressure and time for a strong hold. Just apply to the surfaces and allow them to dry.

Find the adhesive options that fit your next project. We carry a variety of super glues with the versatility needed to succeed in many environments.
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