When you take on most home improvement projects, you'll need the right hammer, and we have a huge selection of Stiletto Tools® to help you find it. Each task requires the right equipment to help achieve the look or method you want, and with all these different styles of Stiletto hammers for sale, we aim to help you create a sleek and professional product.
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Starting with one of the most basic essentials for any tool box, we have different Stiletto hammers to fit your needs. The classic style of the claw hammer is reinvented with handles made of fiberglass or wood. Heads are made of titanium and steel, giving you the flat surface you need to drive a nail through plywood. Replacement handles and heads are available as your Stiletto tools receive normal wear and tear. Specialty trade hammers give you a more focused approach to specific tasks, like the drywall hammers that use a lightweight open blade design to obliterate the material with 10 times less shock recoil.

The Stiletto wrecking and pry bars that we offer come in all sizes to match up with the endeavor you take on. With some bars as small as 5.5 inches and some as large as 15 inches, these products help you remove nails and strip siding, among a variety of other tasks. Made of titanium or stainless steel, this Stiletto tool offers multiple functions, making it an important asset to any work truck.

Our Stiletto tools help you make a dent in your latest projects, whether they are personal or professional. As a remodeling expert or carpenter in the building industry, you need to have reliable equipment to put forth your best effort. Add to your shed or tool box these high-quality Stiletto tools.
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