Stiletto Replacement Heads

From the early days of the California Gold Rush well into the modern age, Stiletto® hammers and mallets have set the standard for durability, reliability and quality. Their tools are built to last, using only the finest materials. Stiletto is all about making their tools last for a long time, which is why they offer replacement heads for all their most popular hammers. Don't replace your best tools when they wear out. Repair them using Stiletto replacement heads.
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Stiletto replacement heads come in two varieties: stainless steel and titanium. Both are resistant to wear and hard weather, but the titanium heads are significantly lighter and transfer less vibration to the handle. This makes titanium Stiletto replacement heads easier on the hands over long periods of work, while still allowing them to deliver as much force as a heavier, traditional hammer. Whether you're replacing a damaged head or simply upgrading one of your stainless steel Stiletto claw hammers to titanium, Stiletto replacement heads will help you get more out of your tool.

Unlike Stiletto drywall hammers, which have a textured face specifically designed for dimpling drywall, the heads in this section are smooth face replacement heads. This makes them ideal for most general construction jobs, since a smooth face will limit marking on many surfaces. As reliable general-purpose hammer heads, Stiletto replacement heads can't be beaten.

Of course, the head is not the only part of a hammer that ever needs replacing. We also carry Stiletto replacement handles, which are top-of-the-line products, ergonomically designed and made of strong American hickory. Stiletto handles are made to fit the company's smooth face replacement heads perfectly, so your hammer will be good as new in no time.

It's good to see a company committed to repair instead of replacement. Stiletto replacement heads will help you care for a tool you love, year after year.
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