Stiletto Hammers

Since the days of the California Gold Rush, Stiletto® has been a trusted supplier of quality hand tools for the entire United States. With well over a century and a half of experience behind them, Stiletto hammers and mallets are some of the most durable, ergonomically designed and innovative tools on the market today. With advances in materials, handle profile and more, it's no wonder Stiletto has remained such a respected brand.
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The core of Stiletto's catalogue is their selection of claw hammers. Not only does Stiletto offer stainless steel hammers with hickory handles for maximum durability, the company was the first to pioneer an all-titanium design. Stiletto claw hammers with TIBONE™ technology weigh significantly less than traditional steel hammers, while still striking with just as much force. They also transmit less vibration along the handle than other hammers, making them more comfortable to use and preventing repetitive motion injuries.

Titanium Stiletto drywall hammers are designed to drive nails without damaging your surface, dimple the paper for easy adhesion of covering material, and quickly score sheets of drywall to cut them down to size. These multi-use tools will save you time, effort and space in your tool kit.

Stiletto hammers and mallets are built to last a long time, which is why Stiletto offers quality replacement parts to keep your tool in top condition. Stiletto replacement heads are made of the same high-impact materials that make their hammers the professional choice, and Stiletto replacement handles are made from durable hickory, and come in many shapes depending on your preference.

You don't make hammers for 150 years without learning a few tricks. Stiletto's strong track record for dependability and invention makes them an excellent choice whether you're a contractor or an ambitious do-it-yourselfer.
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