Siding & Soffit

Siding & Soffit

The installation of siding and soffit is made easier by the use of specialized tools that simplify the cutting, bending and fitting of the materials. Choose from our comprehensive range of siding tools for cutting and fitting all types of siding. We carry bending brakes, saw tables and other machinery to form and cut aluminum sheet for installing soffit and gutters.
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Our comprehensive selection of siding tools is great for cutting fiber board, wood and vinyl siding. The hand operated siding shears are fitted with precision cutting blades that make a straight, clean cut. Their robust design allows you to trim boards accurately with cuts as small as one-sixteenth of an inch. Our siding shears produce no dust or noise pollution and are easy to operate. If vinyl is your siding material of choice, check out our snap lock punches, trim punches and trim removal tools.

The installation of flashing and soffit often requires custom-made aluminum fittings and flashing. Our heavy-duty portable brakes let professionals assemble these components on site for immediate fitment. Cut aluminum sheet to size easily using cut-off tools that are compatible with our series of brakes, and make professional looking custom flashing with portable roll-forming tools. Save money by using aluminum coil instead of sheets with our coilers, multi-angle saw tables and stands.

Install professional looking aluminum gutters with our gutter tools. Our standard outlet punches take a wide selection of rectangular dies that suit all common gutter downpipe sizes.

Save money by choosing the best siding and soffit tools from our comprehensive range of products. These products, designed for busy professional contractors, are stylish, lightweight designs that are simple to use. They're easy to assemble, disassemble and move from site to site. Although these tools are mainly for professionals, their simple and elegant design allows anyone who is handy to use them to upgrade a home.
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