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Matt's sewer blankets provide an easy, one-step solution for keeping your septic system from freezing in the winter. These plumbing blankets are efficient and reliable enough for years of continuous service.
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Septic system maintenance is a significant step in keeping your home safe and your plumbing system running smoothly. These accessories are easy to set up and then leave in place until the warm season. Simply roll them out, stake them down with the included pins and walk away. A series of grommets at the edge let you pin them down without the need to pierce the blanket. Matt's sewer blankets stay in place, unlike straw, which blows away. They're safe to use on your lawn as they don't kill the grass beneath the blanket. While some septic protection systems are edible, Matt's sewer blankets aren't attractive to rodents, so you don't have to worry about vermin chewing holes through them in the winter.

The materials, which go into these blankets, are being trademarked as Matt Pak, and the blankets come in a variety of sizes to match many lawns. Matt's sewer blankets are fire-resistant for added durability and value. These blankets are waterproof and ideal for more than merely protecting your sewer setup. You can use them in your garden to protect plants from frost. Use them in emergency situations for protection from the weather or intense heat. Once they're rolled up these blankets, are easy to carry and store until the next time you need them. Keep these plumbing tools on hand as an essential part of your plumbing care system.

Matt's sewer blankets are a simple way to save yourself up to thousands of dollars in repair bills. They're made in the USA and protected by a limited manufacturer warranty. Measure the area you need to cover and grab one of Matt's Sewer blankets today to protect you for years to come.
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