Make smooth, accurate cuts and protect your fingers in the process with the smart technology behind SawStop table saws. In 1999, this company introduced a fundamental innovation to the table saw market: saws that stop spinning the moment they contact skin. Since then, SawStop has developed a reputation for safety and reliability where table saws are concerned.
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SawStop saws broadcast a low-powered electric signal through their blades. This signal turns the blade into a safety sensor, which triggers an aluminum brake cartridge and stops the blade instantly, before it can accidentally cause injury. SawStop estimates that its technology has prevented thousands of injuries since first appearing on the market. Help protect yourself and all of the workers in your shop by installing one of these systems today.

Each time the safety mechanism triggers, the aluminum brake cartridge needs replacing. Luckily, replacement blades and brake cartridges are easy to purchase and install. Other SawStop power tool accessories include mobile bases for getting your saw where you need it, and customizable melamine table inserts that minimize tear out and prevent kickback.

SawStop's commitment to safety doesn't stop with their revolutionary braking technology. We recognize that some of our customers are experienced cabinet-makers and know that excessive sawdust is not just unsightly, it's also a health and safety hazard. SawStop dust management systems can help ensure that your shop stays clean, has breathable air and prevents the risk of a stray spark igniting wood particles in the air.

SawStop began 15 years ago with a revolutionary innovation, and in the years since their tools have prevented thousands of injuries all over North America. When purchasing a table saw, consider the possibility of harm, and ask yourself if you are ready for SawStop's cutting-edge technology.
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