Router Bits & Accessories

Routers are the ideal tool for cutting, shaping and trimming. This tool is commonly used on wood, plastic and other materials, and especially for cabinetry projects. There are many woodworking router bits for different cuts. Routers bits come in three basic types: fluted, profile or helical. Base plates or extra collets are part of a good router set. This tool uses many different bits, so a router bits set keeps you prepared for each task.
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There are two main varieties of routers to choose from: plunge and fixed. With a plunge-based router, the operator lowers the cutter into the work area after starting the motor. With a fixed router, the cutter depth is set ahead of time. Some routers have a soft start feature that enables the motor to build speed gradually, or have variable speed settings. Having some spare internal parts on hand like depth adjusters as well as a good supply of router bits and accessories comes in handy in case a part malfunctions and needs replacing.

Having a good router bits set is as valuable as having plenty of templates. There are several bits to choose from, including dovetail, chamfer and cove bits. Each bit makes a different cut and design, and custom bits are available for different projects as well. The more woodworking router bits you have, the more designs you can create.

When choosing a router, you'll need some router bits and accessories sets to prepare for any task. Whether you choose a plunge or a fixed router, having a good router bits set will increase your versatility on the job. You can shop the router bits for sale as well as router templates and have the right accessories on hand for any project.
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