Roofing tools come in many different forms, but each helps you put up a roof over your home or other building. Use them to make a durable roof.
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Roofing hand tools include many of the most basic woodworking tools. If you plan an artisanal project, you need at least a hammer and saw to cut your lumber to size and nail the beams together. If you're replacing an existing roof, crowbars and shingle removers make your job much easier. Basic roofing fasteners include wood screws, framing nails and staples to hold down roofing paper.

For faster work, you can use air compressors along with roofing air tools to get things going. These roofing power tools let you complete a roofing job days or even weeks sooner than if you do it all by hand. Pneumatic nailers are faster and safer to use than hammers, since it's hard to miss with the nail gun. Air-powered tools are easier on your ears, since the compressor sits on the ground, and the tools themselves make very little noise as they run.

Installing a roof is a job that you can do on your own. Make sure to review our instructional books or videos to learn the basics. To ensure your safety, stock up on appropriate safety apparel. Look for kneepads, glasses and hard hats to protect against impacts or falls, and earmuffs to prevent damage to your hearing if you're using roofing power tools.
Roofing tools give you everything you need to enjoy the fruit of your labors for many years. The quality of your final product increases tremendously when you use top-tier tools and supplies. Check out our full stock of roofing tools today to help plan and execute your project.
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