Since 1953, Rolair Systems has focused on one thing and one thing only: producing some of the finest air compressors available. With such a singularity of purpose, it's no wonder the company's air compressors are so reliable, powerful and durable.
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Rolair's portable, hand-carry air compressors are both rugged and quiet. The company manufactures a line of compressors with low-speed motors, specifically designed to minimize noise on a busy job site, so you can easily communicate with other contractors, listen to music and avoid disturbing any clients who happen to be on site. Portable compressors are also perfect for do-it-yourself work around the house. Easily spray on finish, power a brad nailer or just blow the dust off your clothes with Rolair compressors.

Rolair also offers larger compressors for use in the workshop. Its most powerful machines output upwards of 20 cubic feet of air per minute, at 90 psi, easily enough to power an impact wrench or sandblaster. Maintaining these compressors is simple and painless — Rolair tanks and pumps can be replaced to keep your equipment running.

Rolair's compressors are also some of the longest-lasting on the market. That's because all its compressors are oil lubricated. Rolair lubricants are specifically designed to keep your air compressor running as long as possible. Extend the life of equipment, and ensure everything runs smoothly and quietly by regularly replacing the lubricant.

Rolair air compressors show the benefits of 60 years of unwavering focus. Thanks to years of research and top-notch manufacturing, these tools will keep running long after other brands have given up. Look for a compressor with a power output and form factor that's appropriate for the tools you plan to use. With such a wide array of quality compressors to choose from, Rolair is bound to have a product to suit your needs.
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