Ridgid™ started making tools in 1923, and they continue their legacy of quality and performance. They offer a full line of tools with a focus on plumbing, heating and cooling.
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Among the most famous Ridgid Plumbing Tools are their unique red pipe wrenches. These tools allow you to quickly install or remove pipe of virtually any size with just a simple adjustment. They also make Ridgid threading tools that allow you to make pipe threads in metal tubes so you can always have a pipe of any specific length that you need. Make sure to pick up some of our threader oil to ensure correct results if you get a threader.

Ridgid plumbing tools go beyond simple wrenches and threaders. Pipe cutters make lengths of any size, while pipe jacks hold them in place so one person can do the job of two or three. Pipe thawers can save lots of time and the cost of replacements in the winter and their PEX connectors allow you to crimp sections of PEX pipe together.

Ridgid vacuums clean up your job site. They remove hazardous allergens, and improve both safety and your ability to see your workspace. Their large capacity lets you clear an entire jobsite at once. Ridgid test and measurement tools include cameras that allow you to inspect a site before and after work. They detect heat and energy loss and more. You can set them up to broadcast remotely and equip them with extra long fiber optic cameras to see clogs deep inside pipes.

Ridgid delivers quality performance at every phase of your job. Whether you're a professional or a home DIY enthusiast, their tools can save you time and effort. Switch over to their high-performance tool line and get outstanding results for every project.
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