Ridgid Threading Tools

Plumbers who work on construction projects, big remodels or complete massive repairs may need to purchase threading equipment. RIDGID® Threading Tools help you cut and thread custom pipe lengths. While these tools represent quite an investment, some experienced home improvement-minded homeowners may also find some pipe threading tools helpful for your next big plumbing project.
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Ridgid threaders have everything you need to start threading your pipes for your next job. Some complete power drives include a total kit for threading 1/8-2-inch pipe. A power drive can be purchased along with specifically geared threaders, pipe dies and handle assemblies to attach to the pipe itself. Power drives may be easier to move to specific job sites than a fixed machine. You'll find almost any accessory you need for threading and pipe installation with Ridgid plumbing tools.

Ridgid threading machines can handle a significant volume. Each machine includes die sets, a foot switch, as well as cutting wheels and a reamer. Power drives for these machines can be purchased separately as well. Most Ridgid threaders and threading equipment include a full lifetime warranty against factory defects.

Ridgid threader accessories include a complete line of die heads, bolt dies, and gear headers. Stands and trays make it easier to move threading machines and power drivers from site to site or around the workshop. Commercial grade oilers and oil housings make your threading as accurate as possible while maintaining equipment safely. Increased reservoir size and ergonomic controls help increase efficiency and reduce user fatigue while working.

Ridgid threading tools help the busy professional cut and thread custom pipe lengths easily and quickly. Whether you are involved in the construction trades professionally, or like to DIY your home remodels and rebuilds, the complete line of threading equipment has everything you need. Look for replacement die heads and popular lines of power drives and threading machines here.
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