Ridgid Thread Cutting Oil

RIDGID® Thread-Cutting Oil supports all different types of threading processes. Manufactured at different levels of viscosity, it helps ensure accuracy and safety for professionals and tool shops.
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Ridgid cutting oils work in sync with Ridgid threaders. They are also synthesized to work with the contents of different metal pipes and PVC pipes. Different types of oil solutions in Ridgid thread-cutting oil help prevent corrosion in pipes that contain a variety of alloys. Most of our cutting oils are free of chlorine, heavy metals, PCBs and halogens. Safety sheets are available online that indicate precise levels of minerals and other possible hazards.

Ridgid threading oils work with Ridgid threader accessories to guarantee thread quality and to control torque and resistance. Dark oils have higher mineral content and lower levels of viscosity than clear varieties of thread cutting oils. Nu-clear cutting oil has a special anti-mist and reduced-odor formula. It's engineered to maintain working viscosity at very low temperatures (to -20 degrees Fahrenheit). Dark threading oils have a working viscosity of 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use threading oils with our ergonomically-designed oiler accessory to keep pipes lubricated during the threading process. All of our formulas are designed to be compatible with the popular lines of Corzan®, FlowGuard®, and BlazeMaster® pipes and pipefittings. Purchase in smaller or larger quantities depending upon work volume. Ridgid thread-cutting oils are available in 1-quart or 1-gallon bottles and 5-gallon drums. Our higher performance oils are also available in aerosol cans.

Ridgid threaders, part of the Ridgid plumbing tools family, support licensed professionals and experienced home improvement specialists cut and fit custom pipe lengths. Ensuring that you have the right amount and type of thread cutting oil increases thread quality and safety on the job. Available in amounts for smaller jobs and larger commercial sites, look for one of our Ridgid thread-cutting oils to help get the job done right.
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