Ridgid Plumbing Tools

RIDGID™ plumbing tools are designed for busy professionals who need reliable tools geared towards the plumbing trade. If you are licensed plumber or are looking to complete your own plumbing repairs, we carry a vast line of wrenches, and cutting and threading tools for a variety of construction and maintenance tasks.
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Ridgid hand tools and wrenches are the mainstay of any plumber's tool kit. Ridgid plumbing wrenches help loosen rusted pipes. Use a strap wrench if you need to protect more delicate surfaces or exposed pipe, or more heavy-duty models if you need extra strength. Ridgid cutting wheels let you cut your pipe to the length you need. They come in large models or more compact versions for working in tight spaces.

If you are cutting custom lengths of pipe that you need to attach together easily, check out the line of Rigid threading tools. Threading machines are commercial-grade units ideal for any job. To make sure your thread cuts are as clean as possible, keep plenty of Ridgid thread cutting oil on hand. Hand-powered ratchet threaders come in separate sizes or complete sets. Ridgid also offers a complete line of various pipe dies in different sizes to make your measurements are precise and exact. Use Ridgid flaring tools to help make a different join with a bell end.

Ridgid drain-opening tools clear out small and large drain lines. Toilet augers and hand spinners help clear clogs from toilets and sink drains. Commercial cleaning and maintenance jobs may require more powerful tools, like Ridgid's electric drain cleaners. These are ideal for plumbers and maintenance professionals at large facilities, apartment complexes, and property management companies.

Ridgid plumbing tools have been an asset to plumbing professionals and homeowners alike for close to a century. Check out our line of plumbing tools for your next project today.
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