Ridgid Drain Opening Tools

Professional plumbers and homeowners alike need equipment on hand to help remove clogs in toilets and sinks. RIDGID® Drain Opening Tools can help everyone keep drains clear and flowing. Professional-grade electric drain cleaners are ideal for property management and commercial maintenance companies.
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Ridgid drain guns are amongst the most popular item to keep around for common clogs, like hair and paper goods. Look for drain guns with both manual and auto feed options. Ridgid sewer cables have diameters that are suited for all types of drains, including sinks and toilets. Core cables may be less prone to kinking and may also last longer. Ridgid electric drain cleaners handle big jobs for large commercial facilities like hotels, apartment complexes, office buildings and more.

For big cleaning jobs, look for sewer lines of up to 50mm with tool attachment ends. Ridgid drain opening accessories include cutting spades for grease and paper and cutting tool sets for all types of common blockages. Drain cleaning mitts help to protect hands from spinning cables, which can cause injury if not used properly. You can also find inner core replacements and other maintenance and replacement items for Ridgid drain guns and more.

Ridgid augers are even more popular tools, and can be more affordable than an automatic, electric drain gun. A telescoping toilet auger is commonly used in hotels and commercial sites, homeowners may also appreciate the convenience of this tool. A bulb head can do a quicker and easier job of cutting through debris like paper to clear the drain faster. These tools mostly feature 25-30 feet of cable, to accommodate the most common types of clogs.

Ridgid's popular drain opening tools are suitable for a wide array of tough jobs. These are also smart and convenient maintenance tools for homeowners. If you are a professional or individual, you can find plenty of options to keep your drains clean and clear.
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