Ridgid Augers

Ridgid® augers are popular drain opening tools for a reason. They are simple to use and do an excellent job of helping clear drains quickly and easily. Useful for both homeowners and maintenance professionals alike, tools like hand spinners are affordable and useful to keep around for common toilet and drain maintenance needs.
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Most onsite maintenance professionals, building engineers and plumbers have at least one toilet auger on hand. If you have clogs made of tough materials, like paper, look for an auger with a bulb head, which can do a better job of breaking up dense fibers. If the cable has a tool end, check out our variety of Ridgid drain opening accessories for tool sets and replacement funnels.

Hand spinners tend to be popular with homeowners. Features: like hand dials and ribbed grips make these tools easier to use. For safe operations of Ridgid drain clearing equipment, consider purchasing a clearing mitt. If the cable recoils quickly, the mitt could protect hands and fingers from injury.

Professional plumbers and maintenance engineers may find regular use for a powered drain gun. Many Ridgid drain guns have an Autofeed™ option, as well as manual feed, to give you options for clearing larger secondary drains in commercial facilities. These tools are rated for professional-use, and work at speeds of up to 600 RPM. Ridgid drain/sewer cables are fabricated with an inner core, which not only prevents kinking but also makes our cables more durable over a lifetime of use.

Our line of Rigid drain clearing equipment, like the Rigid augers, are designed for both homeowners and professionals alike. Tool-end cables can break up dense materials more quickly, and our powerful Rigid drain guns are rated for clearing commercial drains. Our motorized cleaners work at speeds of up to 600 RPM. Check out the entire family of Ridgid drain opening tools to determine what will best suit your day-to-day needs as a homeowner or a pro.
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