Replacement Heads

Replacement heads help preserve some of the most trusted tools in the workshop. These pieces attach to existing equipment and ensure that faces perform their best, regardless of their age. Find the replacement hammer heads you need for your favorite tool set.
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Many professionals trust hand tools for the most common everyday tasks. With so much usage, it makes sense to stock up on everything you need for basic maintenance. For hammers and mallets, that means a few additional accessories. Replacement heads help ensure serrated faces remain course and they require no special skills for installation. The same applies to replacement handles. These items install on the heads you already own. Their durable material, often hickory, ensures a long tool lifespan, even with heavy usage.

Most claw hammers already have what they need to thrive in the work place. Their hammer heads usually offer flat surfaces, so they cannot lose effectiveness if the face dulls further. Drywall hammers, on the other hand, offer serrated faces. These tools rely on the course hammer head face to better grasp the small nails used during the installation process and they need to retain their surface features to remain effective on the job. In most cases, installation includes one of two options. Some faces screw directly into the existing surface. Others completely replace them.

When you buy hammer heads online, you preserve tools for more projects. Whether you rely on them for professional use or just need to replace the face on your home tool, these options offer everything you need for the task. Find the replacement heads you need to keep all your tools working like new. These pieces remain some of the simplest options for a specialist who values well-crafted tools, even after years of professional use.
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