Powermatic Mortisers

POWERMATIC® mortisers are part of the family of professional-grade woodworking tools that also include Powermatic saws, shapers, jointers, planers and sanders. The mortisers consist of a drill and chisel that cut out square recesses in wood to accept tenons for creating strong, durable joints between two pieces of wood. They are available in benchtop models and devices with stands. Both types are powered by 1-phase motors that put out a spindle speed of 1725 rpm. All Powermatic mortisers work with precision ground chisels and can accommodate chisels of different shank sizes. Like Powermatic drill presses mortisers are constructed from heavy-duty cast iron with precision-engineered columns and tables that provide operating stability, accuracy and reduce vibrations.
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Powermatic benchtop mortisers have quick-adjusting, in-line depth stops that ensure precise repeat cuts. Their cam lock secures the position of the table fence with one, 90-degree motion. These benchtop mortisers also have a double-lock mechanism for securing workpieces in place. They feature a dual-spacer system that can adjust the room required between the bit and chisel for particular workpieces. Powermatic mortises with stands have a tiltable table to accommodate angled mortises up to 35 degrees, with a swiveling, adjustable clamp to hold workpieces securely in place when angled. The tilt-table mortisers also have quick-adjusting linear and flip-down stops for repeat production mortising, plus oversized handwheels to ensure that linear and cross-table movements are controllable with little exertion.

Both mortises with stands and benchtop models have a rack-and-pinion system for lowering the head onto the workpiece. They also come with a large, hinged door that provides direct access to the drill chuck. When combined with the cabinet profiling capabilities of Powermatic shapers, mortisers provide the intricate joinery work that typifies high-quality decorative furniture. Choose mortisers from Powermatic for the accuracy of their joinery cuts and the crispness of their edges to ensure joints that last a lifetime.
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