Power Saws

Power saws offer both excellent cutting performance and portability. There are several model types available, and each one fills a specific project niche.
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Circular saws cut through wood pieces of any length. Their large, thick blades make them the fastest saw models for most applications. Guides on the base plate keep your cut straight with your measurement line.

Jig saws are lightweight cutting saws with thin blades, ideal for cutting curved forms or corners. Miter stops let you make repeatable beveled cuts for consistent results. These saws see a lot of use cutting ornamental pieces, so remember to get a saw with non-marring pads to keep your work surface free of scratches.

Reciprocating saws use long straight blades to cut wood and metal. They're ideal for demolition work, cutting off extra lengths of board or rebar to achieve a professional look. These saws are also well suited for landscaping work, as they easily cut thick branches and shrubbery. The blades tend to break regularly, so make sure that you stock up on replacements before you start your project.

Portable band saws have very long blades that run on a loop. Thanks to the length of the blades, the teeth don't wear as quickly as other types of saws, and because they can stay sharp longer, they are ideal for cutting pipes or other metals objects. Since you're working with hard material, be sure to find a saw with comfort features like anti-vibration design or rubber grips to reduce the strain on your hands.

Power saws let you work with great speed. They include precision features that make it easier than using a handsaw to get a straight cut. Browse our wide selection of power saws for sale and research their various features to find the saw that's just right for your job.
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