Power Drills

Power drills use long bits to drill holes where you need them to run pipe, wires or for a variety of other applications. Some drills also work as bit drivers or for demolition projects.
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Power drill drivers are the most common of the various drill models. You can use them as screwdrivers and drills, which makes them ideal for working in difficult conditions, since you can drill a pilot hole and install a fastener with the same tool. Choose a model with a keyless shank to make frequent bit changes fast and easy. These drills also come in special deck and drywall models that include special tips to keep you from marring your work surface. Some drywall drivers also feed your screws directly to the bit for convenience and precision.

Regular drivers are ideal for wood, drywall and other softer materials, but if you want to work with concrete, you need to step up to the next level of power. Hammer drills use forceful impacts to break up concrete, asphalt or other tough construction material. With an SDS shank, you can use these high-power tools to install anchors or other fasteners.

Core drills use bits that resemble thin hole saws to take a sample of material. They can drill into earth or stone to take a sample for applications like geological studies. If you plan to purchase a coring drill, make sure that you get a combination model or order both the base and motor at the same time, since several models don't include the full set.

Power drills vastly increase your productivity. They also let you work in harder materials than you could with a hand drill. Search through our outstanding array of power drills to find the model that best fits your project needs and pick it up today.
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