Post Hole Digger

Whether you're installing a new mailbox or planting a tree, you need to be able to dig clean holes, trenches and furrows. The best post hole digger will stand up to repeated use and abuse. Auger and Atlas style diggers work well for small home projects, and we recommend the Hercules head design, hand post hole digger for bigger jobs and professional use. Our selection of post hole diggers has carbon steel, 12-gauge blades and sturdy wooden handles that can stand up to the toughest ground.
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Along with a heavy-duty post hole digger, dependable shovels and spades are necessary. A single round point shovel is an excellent multi-purpose digging tool that belongs in every homeowner and landscaper's arsenal. Complement it with other, more specialized digging tools to help save time and make the job easier, especially for big projects. Look at a lightweight aluminum scoop for around the yard and garden, to move compost and spread mulch easily. A drain spade is a good choice for precise digging jobs, making it easy to dig a smooth trench or a narrow hole for a new shrub or bush.

If you're working on rocky ground or heavily compacted soil, picks and mattocks will make your life a lot easier. Our 1.5-pound mini mattock is an excellent tool for grubbing small roots and breaking up soil in a small garden. For heavier work, a 5-pound mattock is a better choice. Like our heavy-duty post hole diggers, it's extremely rugged and will give you more leverage to tackle rough terrain.

Make your life easier next time you put up a fence or plant a tree by using the right tools for the job. We have post hole diggers, spades, and most everything else you'll need.
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