Porter Cable Staplers

Woodworkers, professional upholsterers and general contractors rely on pneumatic staplers to complete a variety of tasks. The selection of Porter-Cable® staplers provides speed for seasoned pros and home improvement jobs. This line of staplers puts a lot of control in your hand to guarantee accuracy, especially for repeat applications.
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A 16-gauge crown stapler drives 7/16-inch crown staples from 1 to 2 inches long. Teflon® rings on Porter-Cable cordless staplers prevents the cylinder from boring out and last longer than conventional O-rings. The selectable trigger allows you to choose between modes, including contact and restrictive applications. Operating pressures of up to 120 psi drive staples into different types of media without jamming or sticking. If the stapler jams, the quick-release nosepiece allows you to clear them quickly. Open-top magazines let you load multiple sized strips in different combinations. For example, load two 70-staple strips or three 50-staple strips. Stapler kits within the family of Porter-Cable® pneumatic tools also include coupler fittings, carrying cases and sets of staples.

Porter-Cable upholstery staplers are compact for easier operation on delicate projects. A one-inch nose extension allows limited clearance for fastening. Rear exhaust ports force air and condensation away from you for increased comfort. A driver guide moves along with the magazine, which allows you to clear jams quickly. Porter-Cable narrow crown staplers can splice crown molding together, as well as help with furniture projects or framing doors and windows.

When you need to apply roofing shingles and flooring or hang drywall, Porter-Cable pneumatic nailers offer increased air pressure and large magazines to make fast and repeatable tasks, like building a deck, reliably precise. Protect shingles from damage with the tool-free quick-set depth of drive settings on roofing nailers. Framing nailers drive nails up to 3 1/2 inches into engineered lumber for drywall framing, construction, fencing and decking.

Porter-Cable staplers operate on air pressure to drive staples into wood and other materials cleanly and evenly. Upholstery staple guns are lightweight and precise for delicate applications. Outfit your tool kit from the wide assortment of Porter-Cable products so you can complete any job on time.

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