Porter Cable Cordless Saws

Porter-Cable® cordless saws increase your freedom of movement everywhere you work. They provide many of the same benefits as their corded counterparts, yet they run on batteries. These Porter-Cable products combine fast turning or reciprocating blades with the flexibility of cordless tools, so you always have the cut you need -- even when you step away from an electrical connection.
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These Porter-Cable cordless saws help with tons of different applications. Whether you need to slice lumber to size or remove a segment from an existing wall, you can choose a saw to help with the job. Porter-Cable cordless circular saws quickly create deep cuts, and they help you minimize the costs of material transport. Instead of bringing hundreds of pounds of heavy material back to your shop (or juggling long extension cords from the closest electrical outlets), you can bring these saws wherever you plan to make your cuts.

Like other Porter-Cable cordless tools, these saws include many additional features to help with your projects. For example, many Porter-Cable cordless circular saws do more than simple crosscuts. Some have adjustable bevel shoes that change position when you need to cut at an angle. The same concept applies to Porter-Cable cordless reciprocating saws, which have variable-speed triggers to help you control your cut speeds with all sorts of different materials. Depending on what kinds of jobs you encounter, you may want to consider a Porter-Cable cordless combo kit that offers more than one tool for your job. After all, these saws run on the same batteries as other cordless tools from the same manufacturer.

If you want to free yourself from corded connections so you can cut anywhere, you're in the right place. No matter what kind of cut you need to create, you can find Porter-Cable cordless saws to help with the job.

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