Mr Heater

Stay comfortable in any weather, indoor or out. Drafty garages and workshops, outdoor patios, and job sites are easy to heat, even if you don't have electricity. We sell a variety of Mr. Heater products to keep you warm just about anywhere.
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Our Mr. Heater portable heaters use a variety of fuel sources to fit the job. Mr. Heater propane heaters burn clean enough to use indoors. With each one rated by maximum room size and BTUs, it's easy to find the ideal model to fit your needs. If you're a contractor, a forced air propane or kerosene heater will give you plenty of extra flexibility. We sell hybrid heaters that produce heat for a 1,250 square foot room using electricity or propane. Many of our models feature Mr. Heater's Quiet Burner Technology® and the cordless varieties run for 4 hours with just 3 hours of battery charging, providing convenient heat on the go.

Outdoor areas have no walls to trap heated air, so you need a heater that can deliver heat directly. Choose one of our radiant heaters, such as a Mr. Heater tank top heater for outdoor job sites, parties and sporting events. The radiator will keep you and your friends or family warm, even on windy days. They screw onto propane canisters, so it's easy to bring extra fuel for long, cold days.

Mr. Heater vent-free wall-mount heaters provide climate control with minimal fuss. They burn propane at 99.9 percent efficiency, saving money. They're safe to install indoors without the cost and hassle of installing an outdoor vent and unlike electric room heaters, they'll run during power outages.

We also stock Mr. Heater accessories to keep your climate control in good working order. We offer thermostats, thermocouples, brass fittings and other Mr. Heater replacement parts, along with hose extensions and vent kits to modify your heating system. You'll stay toasty warm with Mr. Heater. Choosing the right heater with your choice of fuel source can keep you warm in any environment.
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