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Milwaukee® serves the professional industrial community with a full line of heavy-duty tools and devices. Milwaukee testers aid with electrical jobs, and ensure reliable readings before, during and after each project. Safely determine output and functionality with a device you can trust. This manufacturer earned its reputation for heavy-duty quality over the better part of a century.
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Voltage detectors help electricians test electrical currents, and aid with existing grids as well as with new installations. While all Milwaukee instruments come in handy at the job site, these testers serve one industry in particular. Continuity testers help uncover unseen electrical issues. Alongside other Milwaukee electrical meters tools, they form one of the fundamental tools of the professional tool belt.

Technicians use voltage testers every day, and it's important to find the right model for the job. Simple designs test the presence of the charge, but do little else. These Milwaukee tools aid in determining whether a wire retains the ability to carry an electrical current, but more advanced models contain other important features. Some Milwaukee testers display vital information about the present power levels, a vital piece of information for many professional installations.

Florescent lighting detectors serve a more specific function, and test high-hanging electrical fixtures. These often include tall extenders to help reach high places, and may offer flashlights that allow better vision in low light areas. Avoid overextended ladders with these tester extensions, and enjoy the ease and efficiency that Milwaukee provides.

Determine whether you need a basic setup or if you require more specific features like those used for florescent lighting, and find the Milwaukee testers that serve your crew best. Whether they need a simple test light for a site inspection or a more advanced device for the full job, Milwaukee provides several reliable options.
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