Milwaukee Multimeters

Milwaukee multimeters are ideal tools for taking measurements for electrical work. These essential tools provide safety for your electrical project by letting you know if a conductor is carrying a current. With a meter, you can test continuity, current, voltage, temperature and more. A digital multimeter saves you a great deal of time and labor by letting you know the power flow or showing any interruptions.
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For the greatest accuracy, Milwaukee's digital meters feature true RMS functionality and measure a wider array of data than models without RMS. If you're either a professional electrician or a high-level DIY homeowner, consider a clamp meter. Clamps hold the conductor in place and give you a reading without metal contacting the metal of the wire so you can perform you work with greater safety. If your measurements are part of a larger project you'll enjoy the convenience of an M12™ fork meter that uses the same REDLITHIUM™ batteries as other M12 tools so you can swap the battery out for the next phase of your job.

Milwaukee tools include a wide selection of features to help finish your job with less fuss. Power outages and job sites without lights installed are too dark for many measurement tools, but a Milwaukee electric multimeter with an LED work light and a backlit screen lets you operate even during the darkest outages. Rubber grips provide insulation and help you hold on to the meter to prevent drops and slips. To get you started right away, purchase a Milwaukee multimeters kit that includes tools for wire stripping and splicing.

Milwaukee instruments come with a manufacturer warranty. The coverage is 5-years for digital multimeter tools and 1-year for analog multimeters. These tools feature durable construction that keep them protected from impacts.
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